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Rather than cover everything under the sun, moon & stars in one course, we create a dedicated course for each subject, but not just that, each module is taught by a bonafide professional in the subject being taught.  

Expanding Your Amazon Brand Using Video

Wil Seabrook, CEO of Light Touch Media Group and Learn what you need to know and the equipment you need. We cover all the data whether you’re doing your own video or hiring a firm.

Amazon PPC: From Beginner to Pro

Amazon veteran, 9 figure seller & CEO of ManageByStats Philip Jepsen takes you from the very foundation with the definitions Amazon PPC words to PPC strategies for successful campaigns.

Amazon Listing Mastery [coming soon]

Veteran seller Jade Coleman and marketing master Ashley Armstrong cover not just the fields to fill out, but HOW to position your data and what points to cover for maximum conversion.

Leveraging Off-Amazon Advertising [coming soon]

10 year Google Ads  Specialist Adam Sene teaches you everything you need to know to drive qualified traffic to pages and increase sales.

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You and your laptop, sitting on a camp chair in the forest… Starlink from SpaceX is pumping gigs of data to you… bears are foraging in the bushes next to your campsite… After a silent self-congratulating acknowledgement that you are one with nature, you realize that you need more information about Amazon PPC…

MBS University comes to the rescue… 

You realize that you we’ve created a course that covers exactly that! What was it, you think to yourself… And because you have a photographic memory, you recall that it’s Amazon PPC: From Beginner to Pro. 


“Having a course that starts at step 0 has been invaluable for me.”

– A.G.

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Every building needs a solid foundation to be built upon. Becoming a pro at something does too.

You’ll get not just foundational data on Amazon PPC, but the advanced strategies to boost your sales

Welcome Module

 Meet your instructor: Philip Jepsen. Philip has been selling on Amazon for nearly a decade and is a 9 figure seller.

 Learn who he is what has made him so successful.

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Module 1: The Basics of Amazon PPC

 M1L1: Advertising Terms 

M1L2: A Brief History of Amazon PPC

M1L3: Marketing vs. Advertising – What to do First

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Module 2: How To Set Up Campaigns

 M2L1: Setting up an Auto Campaign 

M2L2: Setting up a Manual Campaign

M2L3: Finding Keywords That Drive Traffic to you Listing

M2L4: Extracting your Keywords from an Auto Campaign

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Module 3: Checking Campaign Results & Interpreting the Data

 M3L1: Checking Results with Campaign Manager 

M3L2: Checking Campaign Results & Making Changes

M3L3: Checking Results with the Search Terms Report

M3L4: Checking Results with the Bulk Operations Tool

M3L5: Deciding on your Obectives

M3L6: Making Changes to Budgets, Buds & Keywords

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Module 4: Sponsored Products - Product Targeting

 M4L1: Setting up a Product Targeting Ad 

M4L2: Product Targeting Strategies

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Module 5: Implementation of a Cost Effective Sponsored Ads Strategy

 M5L1: The Smart Start

M5L1: Supplemental Information: SFR vs. SFV 

M5L2: The Breakout & The Primary Keyword

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Module 6: Advanced Advertising Strategies

 M6L1: The Layer Cake

M6L2: The Waterfall 

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Everything you need to know about creating your own video or hiring a firm.

All about shooting and using videos.

We cover best practices & the equipment you need to create your own videos & teach you how to choose an agency if you want to go that route. 

Module 1: Introduction & Statistics

Meet your instructor: Wil Seabrook

Will has been in the film industry long enough to have completed over 6,000 productions. Oh… and Amazon happens to be one of his customers…

Meet Curtis Johnson, President of ManageByStats as he covers some important statistics that affect your business

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Module 2: Why You Should Be Using Video
Module 3: Video Production
Module 4: Setting Up Video Campaigns
Module 5: Using Video for Off-Amazon Marketing & Advertising

Using Off-Amazon Advertising to Drive Traffic & Boost Sales



Since the A10 algorithm update, the importance of driving off-Amazon traffic to your listing is paramount.

We’re going to teach you how to do this effectively, yet simply.


Currently in production

Hey… Do you Need Other Help?

Do you just want the video done for you?

Light Touch Media Group is who ManageByStats has partnered with. They are professional, honest and have ZERO hidden fees. Oh, and did we mention that Amazon themselves is one of their clients for videography?

Want someone to manage your PPC for you?

Whether you’re lacking the time, expertise… or the patience, we’ve got a solution for you. Between our experienced PPC managers and our proprietary artificial intelligence, trust your advertising is in the best hands imaginable.

“The PPC Course made it so easy. I loved learning the definitions at the beginning. I didn’t even know half of them and I’ve been doing PPC for years!”

– J.C.

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