Your Professional SCOUT in the Jungle that is Amazon Keywords.

Keyword Scout: ManageByStat’s FBA Keyword Tool

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Harvest hundreds, even thousands of keywords in a flash.

Add one or more ASINs into the search bar and Keyword Scout will scour the listing for every keyword.


Find search terms that you didn't even know were a thing...

 Our Amazon keyword research tool knows exactly where your competitors place their keywords. Keyword Scout is able to harvest from both the front-end (what the customer sees) and the back-end (Seller Central) for a complete list of usable Amazon search terms.

Finding keywords manually is sooooo 2013. Welcome to the future... errr present...

What used to be hours of painstakingly scrolling up and down listings now only takes minutes. No more opening 300 browser tabs and crashing your laptop from 1994. Get it done with a few clicks.

Filter out unwanted data. Filter in wanted data...

Include or exclude keywords. Filter out products with too many competing products. View products only within a certain Search Frequency Rank range. Exclude search terms that are not relevant to your listing..

Want to See it in Action?

Take a look at our short features video so you can SEE what the tool can do.

Trusted By Some of the Most Prestigious Companies & Coaches in the Industry:

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Whether you’re clawing you’re way to the top or keeping the wolves at bay…

 Keyword Scout makes it possible to do all of this and more. Whether you’re keeping on eye on your competition’s listings, unlocking their keyword strategy or optimizing your listing to perfection, Keyword Scout has you covered. Here’s some of what you can do with Keyword Scout:

View your Amazon Sponsored Ads bid history using ManageByStats Advertising Manager

Keyword Rank

See what keywords your competitors show up for with the highest Search Frequency Rank (Amazon’s assigned rank for a search term’s popularity when compared to all other search terms).

Schedule the times you want your ads to go live using the ManageByStats Advertising Manager

Find Keyword Gaps

Evaluate which search terms have the least competitors to maximize your ranking efforts, gaining vital ranking positions for many keywords.

ManageByStats Advertising Manager Automatic Bid Adjustment

Filter Out The Clutter

Use our advanced filters to fine-tune your keyword research: include or exclude words; compare multiple competitor data against one product; and filter by word count for long-tail phrases to flank the ranking efforts of your competitors.

ManageByStats sends out bi-weekly reports straight to your email

Reverse ASIN your own listing.

We know… most people only think of using a reverse ASIN tool to spy on their competitors… why not spy on yourself? Use Keyword Scout to see how well you’re ranking for your own keywords and which you can get up onto page 1! 

Start your 14 day free trial today… really… what do you have to lose?

The Only Keyword Research Tool You’ll Ever Need

Let’s take another look at what you can do with our Amazon keyword research tool:

Include or Exclude Keywords

Filter on only the keywords you want to see to drill down on the top performers, or exclude particular keywords like brand names.

Filter on Search Frequency Rank

Want to target top search terms; filter out anything above a particular search frequency. Want to target lesser search terms (low hanging fruit), filter out anything below your preferred threshold.

Filter on ASIN Position

You can filter on on the first time that ASIN shows up for your keyword or best ASIN position for that keyword depending on how you want to drill down into the data.


Add More ASINs

Get a comprehensive list of ALL the keywords your competitors are going after by adding multiple ASINs to your search

Filter on Number of Competing Products

Sometimes you don’t want a lot of competition. Sometimes you just want to step right into a money-maker.

Export Everything to Distiller or WordSmith.

Now that you’ve drilled down to the PERFECT set of keywords, export them into Distiller & WordSmith, ManageByStat’s listing builder tools, to start building the PERFECT listing!

Having Keyword Scout has made is so much easier to find the primary keywords I should have in my listing and advertise on."

– D.C.

Hey… Do you Need Help with your PPC?

Don’t have a grasp on PPC?

Amazon PPC is an ever-evolving beast. In its earliest stages it might have been easy but with more features and more competition, you have to be at the top of your game to compete. Rest assured, the subject can be learned and MASTERED. Find out how:

Want someone to manage your PPC for you?

Whether you’re lacking the time, expertise… or the patience, we’ve got a solution for you. Between our experienced PPC managers and our proprietary artificial intelligence, trust your advertising is in the best hands imaginable.

And that’s just the tip of the ManageByStats iceberg…

Tools to get your PRODUCTS out of the gate with a vengeance!

Whether your finding your first product or your 1000th.

Whether you’re trudging your way through your first Amazon listing or you’re ballin’ though it like the Jordan that your are.

These tools can help you do it faster,,, MJ would be proud!

Yes, we WILL help you find your next magical Keyword...

Think your competitors are ranking on keywords you want?

Reverse ASIN to your hearts content… But do it juuuuuuust a bit better…

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Catapult your listings into the stratosphere.

So you have a winning product and the perfect set of keywords…

Now build that listing like Michelangelo built the Sistine chapel…

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What AUTOMATION always wanted to be.

Lets face it, we’d all love to automate our business completely… at least up to 100%… 

We’d all love Terminator juuuuuust before Judgement Day…

We’d all love our own personal Hal 9000… again… with a little less… well. you know…

Anyways… automate away.

Have us manage your PPC for you...

Winning at PPC can sometime be a pain… I think Scotty from Star Trek said it best:

The notion of Amazon PPC  is like trying to hit a bullet with a smaller bullet whilst wearing a blindfold, riding a horse.”

At least that’s what we’re told he said…

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Know your Key Performance Indicators... all in one place.

We’re pretty sure if you ask any Amazon guru, coach (Yes, even a life coach) or course, they’re all going to agree… you need to know your KPIs.

Seriously ask any coach… even ask Yoda… Yeah, we’d consider him a coach.

Pretty sure he’d say, “Greatest coach ever, I am. KPI tracking, you need.”

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Taking OPERATIONS to a whole new level.

If you’re looking to up your operations game, we’ve got you covered. 

Yeah, a Swiss watch is a fine machine, but let’s face it, with the right tools, your operations can makes that watch look like something out of a gum ball machine. 

Nothing against the Swiss, they just don’t have MBS…

See it all in one place with our one-of-a-kind Dashboards.

So there’s a lot of information you need to know to run your business… and its DEFINITELY important to see it all in one place.

This could be the one thing you need to make your growth look straight up and vertical…

like ENRON… just without, you know,  the fraud, FBI and prison…

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Advertise like a professional

The MBS Advertising Manager is built by Amazon sellers for Amazon sellers. You don’t even need to step your digital foot into Seller Central. You can do it all right inside MBS! Thanks… we love you too 🙂

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Ready to take your inventory up a notch?

If Amazon changing the inventory rules every couple months isn’t enough, add COVID into the mix and you’ve got a perfect storm… 

Unless you’re using our inventory tools… then its easy as stealing candy from a baby.

But, seriously, don’t steal from babies… that’s really mean. 

Anyways, make your inventory management easy here:

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Having Keyword Scout has made is so much easier to find the primary keywords I should have in my listing and advertise on."

– D.C.

I know we’ve reached the end of the page… but hey, why don’t you keep in touch… by doing a free trial?

We help you do keywords… better. 

Keyword Scout, ManageByStats’ Amazon keyword tool, makes it possible to keep an eye on your competition’s listings, spy on their strategy and optimize your listings.


Amazon Search Term Optimization

To be as successful as possible on Amazon, you need to do everything you can to utilize the right keywords. This is the only way of your products getting noticed by interested buyers. You can have the perfect product, but no one will know or buy it if you aren’t targeting the right keywords. However, all the work that goes into this can be overwhelming, so you need the right Amazon keyword research tool to help.

Unlock Your Competitor’s Keyword Strategy

Keyword awareness is one of the most important things you need to win on Amazon. To know how you can improve your keyword strategy, you need to understand your competitors’ ranking. With Keyword Scout, you can easily access keyword information that will be an invaluable resource for your business. Keyword Scout will give you essential insight regarding different aspects of your competitors’ keyword strategy in our easy to use FBA keyword research software.

Deep Dive into Competitor Keywords

Interrogate your competitor’s ASINs, and discover precisely what keywords are being used and how they’re performing. Instantly find thousands of high-converting, top-ranking Amazon keywords to get your product visible on Amazon. Enter an ASIN and uncover keywords for both organic and sponsored results and evaluate the exact keyword search rank.

Targeting the Right Terms with Our FBA Keyword Tool Today.

 At ManageByStats, we have the software that you need to sell your products on Amazon successfully. Keyword Scout is included with ManageByStats. Start your free trial of ManageByStats today to see how this FBA keyword tool can improve your business.  

You already have the right products; now, you need to start using the right keywords. With Keyword Scout, you’re equipped to quickly and easily do an amazing amount of research on the keywords that you are, or should be, ranking for. Let our keyword research tool for Amazon become an asset for your business and get your products noticed.

ManageByStats has various Amazon seller tools that can help improve your sales while making your job easier. The information obtained using Keyword Scout can be processed using Distiller, our Amazon keyword refinement tool, or sent directly to our Amazon listing optimization tool, Wordsmith. With these tools, you can transform the way you sell on Amazon.